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Biking, Walking, & Driving around Fremont

Ideally located, The Asher is biking or walking distance to shopping, dining, museums, and more. We're also near the Fremont BART and have a parking garage.

Our little city of Fremont has been booming, with more people joining our community than ever before. We are considered a top Zoom Town — a place where remote workers without a need to commute move in order to avoid more congested and more expensive cities.

Fremont citizens still have a need to get around. In order to allow our residents to enjoy Fremont’s lively downtown, or to reach other parts of the Bay Area, we ideally located our building for easy transportation. Our apartments are close to central Fremont, the BART station and other public transportation, and our city amenities. We also built a gated parking garage at our complex.

and city center, including shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.


Our building has a dedicated bike shop to help our residents keep their bicycles in good riding condition. You don’t have to go far to fix a flat or oil your chains.

We also have a buffered bike lane on the main road just outside our apartment complex for safe travels to other points of interest.

Fremont is very bike-friendly, with an extensive bike lane network including some protected and buffered pathways. The city of Fremont is continuously working on making it even safer and easier to bike around. The Asher’s central location makes it easy to access city amenities (and city fun) by bike.

  • Here are some places you can easily get by bike from The Asher:
  • Downtown/Central District (4 minutes)
  • Our major shopping center (7 minutes)
  • Central Park (5 minutes)
  • Whole Foods (6 minutes)
  • Niles Farmer’s Market & Community Park (15 minutes)
  • Museum District (15 minutes)

There are also a number of nearby scenic biking trails to enjoy.


Walking is almost as easy as biking. We have a lot of sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas. It’s just a pleasant 15-minute walk with plenty of trees to Fremont Downtown/Central District, where there are cafes, restaurants, and shopping. It’s also just a 15-minute walk to Central Park. Walkability is something our city takes pride in, and we are always looking to expand pedestrian-friendly areas.


When we built The Asher, we included a gated parking garage so none of our residents have to worry about where to safely park their car. Driving is a major way Fremont citizens get around town, to work, and to other places in the Bay Area. Our city council is always on top of controlling congestion from drivers passing through Fremont.

Public Transportation

Because of our great location, our building’s public transportation score is 57, which is high, and public transportation will get you around town as well as give you access to San Francisco, Oakland, and other parts of the Bay Area.


Our apartments are near the Fremont BART station. It’s a short nine-minute walk away and gives you access to two lines: yellow and green. These lines easily get us to all major parts of the Bay Area.
Downtown San Francisco is just 1 hour away
Oakland is 45 minutes away

AC Transit

Our bus system runs around central Fremont and gives us easy access to all of downtown