"Our desire in generating an architectural motif for this site was to ground the style within the context of Fremont’s history and existing vernacular. A mid-century modern architectural style speaks to the City’s formation in 1956, when architects of the time emphasized strong horizontal lines, the expression of structure, and the blending between indoor and outdoor space, all of which make for an enriching environment in which to live."

Paul Anderson, Architect

Exterior of building with seating in the for ground

Interior Design

"Behind an expanse of windows, residents discover a club space that synthesizes playfulness with luxury. Whether playing billiards, watching the game, or mixing a drink behind the bar, it all happens in style."

Danielle Fox, Interior Designer

Hand touching plants

Energy Efficiency

  • Has low-E windows.
  • All residential units provide solar shades for passive energy reduction.
  • Provides both EV ready and EV capable stalls.
  • Has bike parking stalls.

Water Efficiency

  • Landscape selections are low water/drought tolerant.
  • Irrigation system uses weather controls to conserve water.
  • Flow reducers on all sinks, showers and toilet.

Health and Well-being

  • On-site fitness center and pool provided.
  • Low VOC paints, flooring and wall covering used throughout.
  • Acoustical treatments provided for sound control in shared amenity areas.


  • Less than 3 blocks from the Fremont BART station providing access through the East Bay and to SF.
  • Located on a local bus line with connection to regional transportation.