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Great Places To Eat In Fremont

A restaurant table with plates of mapo tofu and dumplings

Living at the luxury apartments in Fremont CA is a wonderful experience for many reasons. Fremont is a great town — safe, modern, and packed with things to do and see. Beyond that, though, there’s a marvelous culinary scene for you to enjoy as well, as long as you’re willing to seek out some of the city’s finer establishments, and it’s one that’s diverse in its offerings to boot, according to Culture Trip:

“Home of the largest Afghan-American population in the country in addition to a number of Chinese, Indian, and Filipino immigrants, Fremont is a diverse suburban city in California.”

As such, you’ll find plentiful international cuisine represented among the establishments of Fremont, and today we’re going to point out a few prominent options for you to add to your list if you’re looking to head out and explore what the Fremont restaurant scene has to offer.

International Cuisine Like No Other

Cuisine in and around Fremont is indeed authentic and international. You needn’t look further than options like Arzu Uyghur to see that (but we will, though, in due time). If you’ve never had Halal Muslim Chinese food before, you’ll find it at this establishment on Cedar Boulevard, and it’s the perfect blend of Uyghur Chinese culture, presented in edible form. Skewers, chicken, noodles, soup and more populate the menu, and you’ll definitely get your fill from the meals you’ll find here.

If you prefer Korean food, however, you might instead want to direct your attention to Bob Sang Korean BBQ, which focuses on Korean dishes and has heaping helpings of favorites like Korean Short Ribs, Dak Guyee, Kalbi, and much more. And before you start to fret, yes, they do have some non-meat options on the menu as well (just in case you’ve got a strict diet you need to follow).

For you kebab lovers out there, you’ll find what you’re looking for over at De AFghanan, which, as the name suggests, specializes in authentic Afghan food. Kebabs feature heavily on the menu, but they aren’t the only delicious item you’ll find among their offerings. The Aush here is delicious, as is the Kado Borani and other traditional Afghan dishes.

The list, naturally, continues, and while we can’t detail every amazing international restaurant you’ll find near Fremont, we can assure you there are plenty more out there, and encourage you to explore so you can find the establishments that best fit your taste buds.

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