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Getting to the BART from Asher

freemont bart station

Life in Fremont—particularly at The Asher—is hard to beat, but when you’re ready to venture out, it couldn’t be easier. The Asher is an easy 10-minute walk along Walnut Avenue to Fremont BART Station, where you can catch the Yellow and Green lines to all major destinations in the Bay Area (see below for travel times to popular destinations).

The route from The Asher to the Fremont BART station is pedestrian-friendly, with its broad sidewalks and well-marked intersections. It’s also incredibly safe for cyclists, thanks to the Walnut Bikeway. Completed just a couple of years ago, the 1.2-mile bikeway consists of sidewalk-level, fully separated bike lanes on both sides of Walnut Avenue, with protected intersections at major crossings. The new path was inspired by Dutch-style bike lanes and has been called the best bikeway in the Bay area. (Be sure to take a look at the bike rules on the BART before you go. Bikes are always welcome on board, but there are some restrictions around which cars they’re allowed in, particularly during commuting hours.)

After a day out and about, there’s no better place to come home to than thoughtfully designed new apartments The Asher. Relax poolside in a private cabana, sip a drink and enjoy a game of billiards or backgammon with a neighbor at Peaks Lounge, or take a stroll down Linear Greens Promenade (even better with a four-legged friend!). And if your bike needs some TLC after some city riding, drop it off at our full-service bike shop for a tune-up.

Travel Times from Fremont BART To Popular Bay Area Destinations:

  • Downtown San Francisco: 1 hour
  • Oakland: 45 minutes
  • Berkeley: just over 45 minutes
  • San Jose: 30 minutes