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Pet-Friendly Features & Dog Spa

@dj.the.labradoodle enjoying a walk on the Asher's outdoor linear green walkway

Pet owners who live in our community enjoy convenient amenities to help their four-legged friends stay happy and healthy (and clean!). We wanted to share what it’s like to live with a dog or cat in our beautiful community at the Asher.

Pet Spa Grooming Stations

Offering free self-service wash with stainless steel grooming stations, our Pet Spa makes The Asher stand out among other pet-friendly apartments in Fremont. Keep your bath tub pet-hair free and your grooming sessions convenient. Don’t worry — we keep them clean so the Pet Spa stays shiny.

Outdoor Amenities & Access

When searching for pet-friendly apartments in Fremont, keep walkability and exercise top of mind. Apartments with lots of green space and pleasant walking areas make taking the dog out less of a chore.

With 100,000 square feet of outdoor space, The Asher has lots of room to romp with your pup. Our unique promenade, The Linear Green, is beautiful and has lots of trees and plants for your dog’s necessary business.

We are also a short walk away from Central Park, which has a large dog park and plenty of room to roam.

Gated Community

A gated community is pet-friendly in its own way. Your animal escape artists can’t get too far when there are tall fences.

Plenty of Windows

Everyone knows dogs and cats like to watch what’s going on outside the window, and the Asher offers lots of lovely mountain views. Cats will sit in the window for hours, and they enjoy having views on all sides. The Asher installed expansive windows in all units that pets enjoy. Humans enjoy them, too.

Emergency Vet Access

A location is not pet-friendly if you have to drive far to get your pet necessary care. There are several general practice veterinarians nearby, and the only 24-hour emergency vet in Fremont is a quick 10-minute drive.