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Fremont, CA: A Top Zoom Town

Coworking space at The Asher Fremont with modern interior design, a gas fireplace, natural light, lots of places to sit, and conference rooms visible to the left.

What are Zoom Towns?

When workers can work from the comfort of their home, their commute to work is no longer a factor in choosing a place to live. Many remote workers are choosing to move out of major cities (like San Francisco) to opt for quieter, more affordable living in towns like Fremont that previously would have been too far from the office.

Even major employers local to Fremont, like Attivo Networks and Signifyd, have allowed Fremont citizens to work from home just down the road.

Not everyone is all-in on remote work. One of our biggest employers, Tesla, has announced that they will require employees to return to the office. Fremont will continue to be an easy location to live for commuting to Tesla.

Being a Zoom Town has given us a big boom in population and local economic growth. So not only are we already a great place to live, but we’re getting even better.

Coworking Space at The Asher Fremont

At The Asher, we know that remote work is the future, and we’ve prepared. We developed a dedicated coworking space just for our residents. You won’t need a Zoom background anymore, because our modern interior decor will impress all your coworkers. We also made sure our space has:
Lots of natural light, which is important to help daily mood and emotional health
High-speed internet so all your calls are smooth
Conference rooms to take more private calls or to meet with a client or business partner in-person
Acoustic sound control helps keep noise levels down throughout the building for peaceful working

If you’re tired of being in your building, there are several coffee shops in walking distance and multiple external coworking spaces a less than 20-minute drive away.

In Fremont, you’re part of a Zoom Town and you won’t be alone in the video conferencing life. You can build community with others who are far away from their office and be a part of our growing community. Maybe some will be the other residents you may share your coworking space with.