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What Makes an Apartment Pet-Friendly?

Many apartments permit pets these days, but not all apartments cater to dog owners. In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider and which features and benefits you should look for in your search for dog-friendly apartments in Fremont, California. While this piece focuses on dogs, much of this information applies to cats as well.

Outdoor Amenities & Access

Exercising is good for you and your dog! When searching for pet-friendly apartments in Fremont, keep walkability and exercise top of mind. Apartments that offer plenty of green space and proximity to walkways, like the Linear Green’s promenade, make potty breaks easy and allow you to walk or run with your dog on a regular basis.

An Open Floor Plan

As you hunt for a pet-friendly rental in Fremont, think about how your pet will move through the apartment. Is there enough storage space to ensure that your dog can trot around without knocking things over? Are there sufficient cabinets for keeping cleaning supplies and other toxic chemicals out of reach? An open floor plan goes a long way in this regard, but the layout itself matters too.

Designated Space

Why does layout matter? After you move in, you’ll want to be able to define spaces in your apartment for your pet, as this helps minimize stress for you and your animal. It’s important to give your dog designated (and easy-to-clean) spots for their bed, food bowls, and toys as this helps your dog know which spaces are for play and which spaces are for work.

Other Amenities & Services

Wherever you live, your apartment community should have dog-friendly amenities as part of the package. Some pet-friendly rentals can connect you with dog walkers who can help you exercise your dog. At The Asher, a pet spa helps you keep your dog groomed and clean. Be sure to inquire and compare options and pick a package that best suits your needs.

A dog-friendly home means a more enjoyable life for the both of you. These simple tips will help you find the perfect apartment for you and your furry companion.